How to Batch Resize Photo and Add Watermark in Photoshop

If you shoot weddings, parties, concerts, fashion shows these type of events, you will often need to deliver a high amount of photos. Batch resize and watermark photos become a very important step in the workflow. You can have a drink and relax while your computer is doing all the work for you. In fact, this is a very satisfying part of my work – bating photos.

What’s in this tutorial?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to record actions, resize and add watermark to your photos in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.


1) Prepare all the photos that you want to resize and watermark in the same folder. Open the folder in Adobe Bridge to get ready.


2) Switch to Photoshop, go to the Action Panel, Create a New Set, I name it Tutorial (You can give it other names of course). At Tutorial, click on Create New Action, I name it Watermark and click Record, the action starts to record.

3) Switch to Bridge, open one of the images in Photoshop, you can see the first action recorded “Open”. We resize the photo first and then watermark it.

4) Go to Image->Image Size, to change the resolution. If you want to post the photos on Social Media or Website, I would suggest the Resolution 72 the long size 1200 pixels.


5) For changing the size, you can use the step above or use File-> Automate -> Fit Image, I set Constrain Within:1200 Pixels in both Width and Height. I find this method works great when I want to resize both Horizontal or Vertical images together.



6) For placing a watermark, go to File -> Place, select the watermark image, click Place.


7) Hold on the shift key while you resize the watermark image so it will remain at the same ratio, when you ready click Enter.


8) Save the image. Go to File -> Save for Web. I choose the image quality to 50, it is good enough for social media and website. Click Save and save in the folder you want. If you want to change the folder you save later on, you can override it in Bridge. I find it easier to have a special folder just for this batch action in case I overwrite the other images.


9) Close the image. When you close the image, a box will pop up to ask you do you want to save the original file, click No.


10) End the recording by hitting the Stop Button.

For using the recorded Action:

1) Go to Bridge, select the files you want to resize, go to Tool-> Photoshop -> Batch…


2) Choose the set and Action we just recorded, you can override the saving folder in this window. You can also rename the files here. When you ready click OK, voila! All the images will be resized and watermarked.



1) I would suggest creating 2 actions for watermark images. One for Vertical images, one for Horizontal images if you want to place the watermark at the corner.

For video Tutorial:

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