Live Talk at Canon Malta

I’ve just done my first online LIVE talk. What a great experience! I would like to thank Avantech Canon Malta again for inviting me for the live talk on their platform. The process of working on the presentation was a great lesson and I’ve learned so much.

It was very challenging doing a LIVE talk, I was running computers and several equipments, electric cables all over the floor. Both Canon Malta and I were running several apps to do the talk. We went through the apps and procedures several times, in case we have any technical cliches that I prepare backups, and backups’ backup. The work behind an online presentation was beyond what I could imagine.

It was hard work to gather and cull years of my work and packed into a 45 minutes talk. Thanks to my Toastmaster VPE Souha for guiding me to the materials of preparing a presentation. Huge thanks to my friends and family who supported my through this journey, sending me positive vibes and encouraging me. It means a world to me.
If you missed the LIVE session, we have it recorded so you can watch it later. I have packed many valuable information into the talk, I really hope you enjoyed the talk and get inspired.   
Link to the talk: