Quick Guide for the first-timer BUYING CAMERA

This is probably the most asked question for people who wants to take up photography. My answer is more practical than the youtube video “best camera to buy this year.”
I’ve been in 20 years in photography. The first camera I own wasn’t chosen by me. Why? Because there were so many options and I HAD NO IDEA about cameras. I just wanted to have a camera in my hands so I could start my quest of mastering photography. A friend of mine who was already in photography for some years, he suggested me an entry level camera, so I took his advice and didn’t look for others. Why? Because I am the kind of person who believes “learning by doing”. Gather the information about cameras would overwhelm a newbie, I might ending up getting frustrated and not buying anything. If I didn’t have a camera to work with, how would I get to know the camera and get to know what I want from a camera? It’s like asking someone who has never driven a car before, “do you like driving?” He/she would need to try it and possibly try it for a while before he/she can decide the answer.
My suggestion would be, “get into the photography game first”. Get a camera, any camera, even a second hand one, your first camera is irrelevant to how good you could be in photography, unless you have the “peer pressure” about whose gear is bigger than another or “size matters” otherwise nowadays the cameras through years of revolution they are all very good so just pick one with a good deal and spend time with it, get to know it better, nurtural the relationship with your camera by carrying it with you often. By the time you want to change to another camera, you would know very well which one you want to get.
Hope this helps. šŸ™‚

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