Use Photoshop to Fix Hair Roots Color or Change Hair Color

The look of the hair colour difference on the roots can be cool and fashionable. It’s all about personal taste and style. If you don’t like the colour difference and wish to change it in photos, follow along with this tutorial. You can also apply this technique on skin colour difference.

What’s in this tutorial?

This tutorial is at an advanced level. But don’t worry, we go through everything step by step so you can follow along.
We fix the hair roots colour by using the Adjustment Layer Selective Colour adjustment layer and colouring the hair with a blending mode. For more detail adjustment we use Frequency Separation, it is optional. In this tutorial, you will learn Quick Selection Tool (w), Adjustment Layer Selective Colour, blending mode and how to use Frequency Separation on hair.


1) I use the Quick Selection Tool to select the hair roots. If you want to deselect some area, hold on Alt/Opt key and select it.


2) Add Selective Colour Adjustment Layer. The selection will automatically be selected in the Layer Mask.


3) We need to lighten the dark hair first so we can change the colour. It’s no different than when we actually colouring our hair, for lighting the hair colour you will need to bleach your original colour if it’s dark. It’s the same in Photoshop.
Go to the Adjustment Panel, select Colours at Neutrals, move the slide to the left and you can see the colour is lightened.


4) Adding colour to the dark hair by using the colour theory, adding some yellow and decrease some cyan. After adding some yellow tone in the area, use Brush Tool to adjust the details of the selection area. Adding the Feather to give soft edges.


5) Use the Brush Tool, hold on Alt/Opt key to sample the hair colour I want. Add a new layer, on the new layer, paint the sampled colour over the hair roots area.


6) Go to the Blending Mode, select Color.


These are the all major steps. The following steps all about adjust the details to make it look perfect.

5) Use Frequency Separation to blend the hair colour together.


Before / After

For the video Tutorial:

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